About the University

Message From Our Provost

IMU is Malaysia’s first and most established private medical and health sciences university with 28 years of dedicated focus in healthcare education. IMU has SETARA-2017 rating of 6 stars (Outstanding) under the Mature University category.

IMU is a university wholly specialising in medicine, health sciences and complementary medicine programmes which means that all resources are devoted to excellence in this area of education. Comprising of five schools in the Faculty of Medicine and Health, the IMU has something to offer everyone interested in pre-university, undergraduate, postgraduate and continuous learning programmes in the field of healthcare.

AllFoundationFoundation in Science1 yearMar, Jun, Sept
AllDegreeBachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)4.5-6.5 yearsFeb, Aug
AllDegreeBachelor in Medical Sciences (Hons)3 yearsFeb, Aug
AllDegreeBachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology3-5 yearsFeb, Sept
AllDegreeBachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)5-5.5 yearsFeb
SOPDegreeBachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)4 yearsJuly, Sept
SOPDegreeBachelor of Science (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry3-5 yearsFeb, July, Sept
SHSDegreeBachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science3-4 yearsJuly, Sept
SHSDegreeBachelor of Science (Hons) in Dietetics with Nutrition4-5 yearsJuly, Sept
SHSDegreeBachelor of Science (Hons) in Medical Biotechnology3-4 yearsJuly, Sept
CCAMDegreeBachelor of Science (Hons) in Chinese Medicine4.5-5 yearsFeb, Oct
SHSDegreeBachelor of Nursing (Hons)4 yearsSept
SHSDegreeBachelor of Science (Hons) in Nutrition3 yearsJuly, Sept
CCAMDegreeBachelor of Science (Hons) in Chiropractic4-5 yearsJan, Sept
AllPostgraduateAnalytical & Pharmaceutical Chemistry (MSc)1-6 yearsMar, Sept
AllPostgraduateBusiness Administration in Healthcare Management (Master)15 months-6 yearsMar, Sept
AllPostgraduateHealth Professions Education (Postgraduate Certificate)6 months-2 yearsMar
AllPostgraduateHealth Professions Education (Postgraduate Diploma)1-3 yearsMar
AllPostgraduateHealth Professions Education (Master)3-6 yearsMar
AllPostgraduateMedical & Health Sciences (MSc)1-2 yearsThroughout the year
AllPostgraduateMedical & Health Sciences (PhD)3-4 yearsThroughout the year
AllPostgraduateMolecular Medicine (MSc)1-6 yearsMar, Sept
AllPostgraduatePharmacy Practice (Master)1.5-4 yearsMar, Sept
AllPostgraduatePublic Health (MSc)1-6 yearsMar, Sept
AllPostgraduateImplant Dentistry (Postgraduate Diploma)1 yearOct
SHSPostgraduateDiabetes Management and Education (Postgraduate Diploma)1-3 yearsMar, July
CCAMPostgraduateAcupuncture (MSc)2.5-5 yearsSept
AllPostgraduateCounselling (Master)2-4 yearsSept
AllPostgraduateEndodontics (Postgraduate Diploma)1-2 yearsJune
AllPostgraduateProsthodontics (Postgraduate Diploma)1-2 yearsApril
CCAMAcupuncture (MSc)Download
AllAnalytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (MSc)Download
SHSBiomedical ScienceDownload
AllBusiness Administration in Healthcare Management (Postgraduate)Download
CCAMChinese MedicineDownload
AllCounselling (Master)Download
SHSDiabetes Management and Education (Postgraduate Diploma)Download
SHSDietetics With NutritionDownload
AllEndodontics (Postgraduate Diploma)Download
AllFoundation in ScienceDownload
AllFoundation in Science (International Students)Download
AllFoundation in Science (Scholarship & Bursary)Download
AllHealth Professions Education (Postgraduate)Download
AllImplant Dentistry (Postgraduate Diploma)Download
AllMedical and Health Sciences (MSc / PhD)Download
SHSMedical BiotechnologyDownload
AllMolecular Medicine (MSc)Download
SOPPharmaceutical ChemistryDownload
AllPharmacy Practice (Master)Download
AllProsthodontics (PGDPros)Download
AllPublic Health (MSc)Download
SOP, CCAM, SHSIMU Programmes HandbookDownload
SOP, CCAM, SHSUndergraduate Minimum Entry RequirementsDownload
CCAM, SHSPostgraduate StudiesDownload
SOP, CCAM, SHSUndergraduate Fees (Malaysia)Download
SOP, CCAM, SHSUndergraduate Fees (International)Download
SOP, CCAM, SHSScholarships and Financial AssistanceDownload
CCAM, SHSPostgraduate BursariesDownload
Online Teaching

Online Teaching

Since 30 March, the University of Nottingham Malaysia has been teaching our 5,000 current students online.

Our approach is to provide lecture materials (slides, recordings, readings) in advance of the scheduled class. The live class is then an interactive discussion of the lecture materials. During the live session students break into small groups using the online private channels. Students may then deliver live presentations to the class or participate in question and answer session led by the lecturer. After the online sessions students are sent readings or other video links.

This is also known as “flipped classroom” where it intentionally shifts instruction to a learner-centered model in which time in the classroom is used to explore topics in greater depth and create meaningful learning opportunities. More time is spent in class on problem-solving and team-based collaboration. This method was first developed at Harvard University in 1997 and has proven to be a deep engagement model for learning.

We have had an average of 85% attendance from our 5,000 students-slightly higher than usual attendance for face-to-face classes.